Cam Cricket Club is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all young cricketers. The club has adopted the ECB’s ‘Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children’. This document can be accessed in two parts on the ECB’s website, through the following links

The club has also adopted the ECB Cricket Equity Policy, which can be viewed via this link:

Child Welfare Officers

The Clubs Welfare & Safeguarding Officers are:

Sally will also be more than happy to discuss any issues you have regarding Child welfare. If you feel unable to raise your concerns with Sally then you may contact the County Welfare Officer, Ellen Mutch on 07852 815430 or by email at countysafeguarding@glosccc.co.uk


The club has been awarded Clubmark status in 2021, and has put into place the following child welfare policies as part of that process:-

Safeguarding Statement
Anti-Bullying Policy
Photography and Video Camera Policy
Transporting Children Policy
Managing Children Away from the Club
Juniors Playing in Adult Matches
Changing and Showering Policy
Missing Children Policy
Volunteer Recruitment Policy
Junior Bowling Directive

The club has introduced the following codes of conduct which set out the standards of behaviour we expect from all club members, officials, juniors and parents:

The following contains useful information for dealing with an accident or incident

For a conclusive list of Policies please click here